The First Project

This project has gone from an idea to reality in the space of 6 months.  In June 2013, the first step that Chorlton Revival worked on was taking over a large empty retail unit in Chorlton precinct, which we named Chorlton Design Emporium.  The shop provided an opportunity for 15 locally based artists and designers to sell their work for 3 weeks and was fantastically supported by the local community.


The success of this project provided us with further proof that this was something that could really work in Chorlton.  Many of our customers commented that this was something that the town really needed, as well as recognising that it was far better for an empty unit to be actually used as a shop.

The surrounding shops within the precinct were incredibly supportive of us because they understood that this was only the beginning of a much larger idea which would hopefully benefit them as well.

More photos of our shop can be seen on our facebook page:!/ChorltonCraftEmporium



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