Raising Funds

After our stint in the shop ended (the unit was taken by a long term business shortly after we left), I got in touch with Chorlton Traders Association, who were all very quickly behind my bigger idea – to regenerate the neglected part of the precinct, and to create the market.  Following on from this, I connected with the Manchester City Council Regeneration team who supported me more than I could have ever dreamt of.

After taking the advice of the Regen team, I set up a campaign on a relatively new crowdfunding initiative, Kickstarter.  I created a project description and set the target amount at £2,500.  Within 30 days, the Chorlton Revival project had raised nearly £4,000 from 68 backers.  We then obtained further funding from the Cash Grant scheme.  The campaign can be viewed at the link below: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1820613655/chorton-art-market-mural-regenerate-a-neglected-ar

Creating a Kickstarter campaign was not only a good way to raise funds, it also provided an opportunity to build awareness of the aims of Chorlton Revival.  The facebook group dedicated to working on our ideas now has over 70 members, and our work has been featured in a number of online articles and blogs which can be viewed on the links below:





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