The Grimsey Review

Currently working my way through The Grimsey Review which can be viewed here:

There are some brilliant points within it which are very relevant to Chorlton and to the Chorlton Revival project.  Bill Grimsey’s review eloquently outlines the issues facing British high streets, as well as offering some inspiring solutions.

I particularly like the fact that Bill and his team recognise that ‘local people have a role to play’ and that ‘creativity and innovation can be encouraged and fostered whilst working inside clear guidelines.  The future of our economy depends on thriving, vibrant mico economies across the nation and reform is required now’.

The Grimsey Review also understands the need to ‘facilitate change, encourage local investment…by cutting red tape’ and the importance of crowdfunding.  In the wake of our success with our Kickstarter campaign, I now have evidence that funds can be raised if people believe in a vision, and especially one which will benefit them.

My absolute favourite bit so far in the review is the aknowledgment for ‘all Mega Mall developments to create a percentage of affordable space within the development for local traders and market stall pitches.

Sadly the report also states that the North West has the highest percentage of vacant shop units in the UK – 20.2% in 2012. This is why I believe The Grimsey Review to be extremely revlevant to Chorlton Revival. Please give it a read.


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