The First Mural and the Second Market

The end of November saw the completion of the first stage of the mural work by local artist Dan Birkbeck. This work has been well receieved by the local community and provides a good idea of how the precinct will look with a bit of added colour!

quilts 004

Research and plans are now underway for the rest of the exciting mural project. The Chorlton Revival committee is currently in the process of working out an application process for the artists who have shown an interest in being invovled with this. Please get in touch if this is something you may be interested in.

The mural provided a great backdrop for the second Chorlton Art Market which took place on Saturday 7th December. Since this day also coincided with the national Small Business Saturday campaign, we worked alongside Chorlton Traders and a number of other organisations and businesses to get Chorlton recognised as a town which supported it.

small biz sat 008

In some ways it felt like there was even more work and effort put into getting the second market organised. There were a few setbacks in the couple of weeks leading up to the market, but thankfully everything was sorted out just in time! Who was it who said setting up a market would be easy? (Me, before I started actually doing it!).

market 2 004

It seems to be hard for me to see the markets as a ‘success’ because I still see so many things that I still need to get right. This time was certainly busier than the first one and there were some aspects which I felt I did manage to improve – mainly the relocation of the food and bar area which worked a lot better this time.

In summary, there is still a lot of work to be done to make this market as good as it is in my head. I have had some great feedback from both traders and visitors to the market and it seems that the local community support the idea. Sadly, at present the landlord of the precinct is asking for a very high rental fee for a long term market which would not be financially viable. Along with the Manchester City Council Regeneration team, we are now working on seeing if this fee can be reduced. Considering the space where the market is has not been used for decades, and since one of the main aims of the market is to raise the profile of the precinct and increase footfall, it does seem such a shame that the landlord wants to charge so much for a community project.