The First Market of 2014

Finally, doing this market thing is beginning to become an enjoyable experience, rather than a super stressful one!

The end of February saw the Chorlton Art Market in its new home at The Post Box Cafe.  Having the market here, rather than in its old home in the precinct, presented me with far fewer challenges than I had for the previous markets.  This made the organising of everything so much easier and has given me a new wave of positivity.  And even I felt that the market went pretty well so it must of not been too bad.  You can read Ghostly Tom’s great blog about the actual day here:  Thanks very much for doing that Tom!

It is a shame that things didn’t end up working out with the precinct plan because it is something I had dreamt about doing for many years.  Some may call me odd (and that they do!), but I felt very passionatly about making the ‘ugly’ precinct beautiful and I’m sad that I won’t be getting to fulfil my vision.  Rumour has it that the precinct is actually being sold for redevelopment after all, so it seems the game is up.  I just wish I started doing all this a few years ago.  But doing all this has ignited my interest in retail and town centre development so there is a positive side to it all (although certain things worry me greatly, but I’ll save all that for another time!)

An issue that has been making me think, plan and work extra hard over the last couple of months has been thus: what to do with the remainder of the Kickstarter money?  My original plan is now defunct.  There is obviously no point in creating loads of murals in the precinct if the place is going to be torn down.  I am annoyed because I was assured by the estate managers of the precinct that there were no plans for the development to be sold off, and they have not directly informed me that this is no longer the case.  I have a duty to uphold my Kickstarter pledge and it worried me that I now had to change the plans…but, I worry no longer for I have come up with a very exciting plan.  All will be revealed over the next couple of months.  I feel very confident that people will love this idea and I believe it will have a really positive impact on Chorlton.

Anyway, I’ll sign off with a little plug for the next Chorlton Art Market which takes place on Saturday 29th March – a ‘Baby, Child & Family’ special.  We have got so many exciting stall holders lined up with a great range of artwork and handmade products.  Please take a look at our Facebook page to see photos and links to all the members of the market family:



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