Chorlton Community Market

One of the things I had wanted to do with the Art Market was to somehow include local charites/organisations, as well as small businesses which wern’t necessarily ‘art’ as such.  It took me a while to figure things out, but earlier this month I had a brainwave: why not have 2 markets?!  Thus, the new Chorlton Community Market has been born.

The aim with the Chorlton Community Market is to provide an opportunity for local charities/organisations to take stalls to raise awareness/support/funds for their causes.  I also wanted to incorporate people who run small/online businesses in Chorlton for them to have a ‘face’ for their business to help to build up their customer base.  It will be an ongoing work in progress but I believe that this is something that could work really well for the whole community.

So, we have our first Chorlton Community Market on Saturday 22nd March as a bit of a trial run to see how things will work out.  This will be held in the same location as The Chorlton Art Market, outside The Post Box Cafe.  One of the main inspirations for doing starting this project was a local group which formed last year – The Mad Dogs Street Project and I’m pleased that they will be at our first event.  You can see more about what these amazing people do here:

So, if you happen to read this and you live near Chorlton, Manchester, please come down and offer your support to this new venture.  We hope that ithe market will be a great hub for local people to network and share resources and contacts to help to further the work they are doing.  And please get in touch if you would like to know more about getting involved.  You can see a little bit more about it on our Facebook page (which is in its very early stages so bear with me!):


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