Plans Ahoy!

After months of waiting, it seems like plans regarding Project Precinct are finally moving forwards.

Yesterday, I met with a couple of nice chaps from the new property managers of Chorlton precinct to update them with everything and to discuss how to move to the next stage.  They informed me that although the new owners (The Greater Manchester Pension Fund) have bought the precinct with the view to completly redevelop it, this is not going to happen any time soon.  This has made me breath a sigh of relief – after months of worrying and holding back from making any decisions, I can now get back to action.

It has been very frustrating for me because things have been so uncertain over the last few months.  The root of all my plans stem from wanting to make the precinct a nicer place to be – this was the reason behind both the Kickstarter campaign and the Art Market and it was beginning to seem like my plans might not happen.  But I feel more positive that I can now fulfil my original Kickstarter pledge and make it all happen and it is all very exciting (I must try not to get carried away – have I not learnt anything in the last few months?!).  I just want people to be aware that this is a project that I am constantly working on and one which I will not give up on. 

Anyway, on to market news.  Our ‘Baby, Child & Family’ Art Market special took place last saturday – a fantastic event which incorporated a great mix of local artists and designers.  As always, my key focus is quality and I think this was very evident when everybody was set up.  We were also treated to incredible weather which suited us all nicely!  You can see another nice write up and photos on Ghosltly Tom’s blog:





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