Cosgrove Hall statues

We have the next bench ready to go into the precinct any day soon. The wait has been long so I am going to feel quite relieved when it is finally there. The story behind how this bench theme came to be decided on is, for me, slightly tainted, but its a much too boring story to recount here. The bench is dedicated to aviation duo, Alcock and Brown and despite my reservations about the theme, Mike Burgess has done a fantatic job on it.

My original goal was to use some of the Kickstarter money to create something to honour to work of Cosgrove Hall Animations stuidos which, in its hay day, was based in Chorlton. It has always amazed me that there isn’t already something here dedicated to them. When I look back on my own childhood, Cosgrove Hall cartoons figure highly in my memory: Jamie and his Magic Torch, Danger Mouse and Count Duckula, as well as the wonderful Wind in the Willows and The BFG adaptations. And, of course, Chorlton and the Wheelies. My proposal is to have 3 carved wooden statues of the most iconic of the characters situated around Chorlton town centre. Who would not love to see Danger Mouse outside the Post Office or Count Duckula outside the library?!

This goal is proving the hardest to achieve – but I will not be beaten! Since November I have been trying to obtain permission regarding the Intellectual Property rights of the Cosgrove Hall characters – I obviously don’t want to spend a large chunk of the money on a Dangermouse statue only to be told that we would not be allowed to display it in public. Unfortunately, at the moment, Fremantle Media (who own the rights to the CH characters) have rejected my request, citing various reasons which don’t really make sense. I’m really hoping that they will be able to realise that my proposed plan could have a fantastic impact on Chorlton, and in turn could generate good publicity for themselves.

I never would of imagined that it would be so hard to sort this out, but I won’t give up until it happens.


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