A change is on the horizon!  After nearly 3 years of running the Chorlton Art Market shop, my partner and I will soon be leaving to begin a new challenge in Scotland.  We are currently in talks with a few traders about them taking over, so hopefully Chorlton will still be the home to the greatest shop in the world!  We’d like to say a massive Thank You to all our wonderful customers and traders for keeping us going over the years – your support means everything to us.

It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to set up The Chorlton Art Market back in 2013.  After a year of running it as an outdoor market, I knew that there was a chance I could bring something special to the unloved precinct and so we opened our doors in November 2014.  I have always referred to the shop as one of my children – albeit one which is very needy and demands a huge amount of attention – but I love it dearly and I am proud of what my partner and I have managed to build from nothing.  We had no loans, no money from Mummy and Daddy and no savings, but we had more than enough passion and determination to make it happen.  People told me that we couldn’t do it and that it would never work (”surely you don’t want a business in the precinct?!”), but this only ever served to make me more certain than ever that we could make a success of it.  It has not been easy, but nothing worth having ever is.

Our next chapter will see us running a B&B in Dumfriesshire which we are ridiculously excited about!  We hope that all our loyal customers will come and stay with us – we’ll let you know all the details soon.  But, in the mean time keep an eye out in the shop for lots of great bargains over the next few months, and keep your fingers crossed that the CAM dream will continue after we have gone!




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